Financially Speaking-2nd Edition


  • Learn how to create your own Economic Stimulus Plan that can provide you with a roadmap to prepare for and/or improve your financial future.
  • Learn how to reduce expenses and eliminate your debts using the Debt Elimination Rollover Payment Plan.
  • Learn how to balance your checkbook.
  • Learn how to create a spending plan.
  • Learn how to create an income and expense statement.
  • Learn how to stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Learn how to take charge of your credit history.
  • Learn how to pay yourself first by establishing a regular savings routine.
  • Learn how to plan for retirement.
  • Learn basic wealth building and preservation principles.
  • Learn that wealth without health is futile.
  • Learn how to change the way to think, act, feel and use money.
  • Learn how to become Financially Free.
  • And much much more…..



Carolyn R. Chase 

Salt Lake City Utah
Masters of Arts-Teaching,

Harvard University

Always interested in learning how to improve my situation, I eagerly read Michael Mathews’ book, Financially Speaking, and was impressed by what I read. Speaking from his heart and personal experience, Michael speaks about how to get your finances in order. Since financial issues frequently are at the bottom of interpersonal issues in a marriage, and stress related health issues in a body, control over finances can be at the heart of improving these aspects of life as well

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Cathy Flowers

Oak Park,

Congratulations on another good one! Although it’s been over 8 years (if not more), since I edited your first book, it was like a refresher in some ways; but also good and fresh information, for the most part. The chapters 5 thru 10 certainly increased my knowledge and were also “food for thought”. I particularly gained lots of insight from the content in chapters:

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Bianca Spratt

Chicago, Illinois
Masters of Art in
Applied Professional Studies

The book is a good resource for 18 and up to understand the value of money and how to make money work for you. The first chapter laid a foundation for me to understand the intricate details of money, learn from others mistakes and not to fall into those traps. The language used in the book is relatable and I can tell a person from a generation or two before me wrote the book due to the examples and sayings used, which offered another perspective into culture that I appreciate.


Ainsworth & Associates PC,
Chicago Illinois

The second edition of Financially Speaking: The Best Improvement Starts With Self Improvement is a guide to getting one’s financial life back with step by step action plans. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to get ahead financially, regardless of their present financial state.

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Leavelle Abram 

Leaf Erickson School,

Chicago Illinois

This document is a cure for sore eyes and financially distress. You have a plan for financial success if implemented with fidelity. This book has provided me with information that will benefit me and my offspring for generations. The book is elaborate but reader friendly.


?Motivational Speaker/Professional Success Coach
Owner, 3D Development Group
Author: Peaceful Selling-Easy Sales Techniques to Grow Your Small Business

Financially Speaking” is a blueprint for your financial success. It tells you how to get out of debt, pay yourself, and shows you smart ways to invest to build wealth for the rest of your life!

Mike Woods
Real Estate Agent and Investor
Century 21 Affiliated,

Homewood, Illinois

Extremely well done, easy to follow, and covers a wide range of topics, which are intertwined to provide overall strategic improvement for anyone seeking to “Live Long and Prosper.” Michael Mathews, you provide a step by step, simple plan, which if followed as laid out, will help insure a healthy, financial and successful path for virtually anyone.

La Sandra Butler

High Point,

Michael thanks for your transparency on prevalent issues that plague our society. There`s a great need for the wisdom and expertise depicted on these pages. You not only identify the pitfalls and their woes, you also gave creditable footage by providing the necessary tools to get you out and stay out of indebtedness. I also recommend this great read for young adults while transitioning into adulthood. Michael you`ve been equipped for such an awesome task, keep arming the generations to come.


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