Natalie and Gor

Nolitha Nkosi-Tshabalala
South Africa


Radka Sillerova

My coaching clients Robbie and Michael Bart Mathews received a standing ovation today after delivering a fantastic presentation in front of 2500 people at the annual Mega Success event in Anaheim, CA.

You guys really rock. I'm super proud of you for working so hard, being rock stars, for building a stronger business and improving so much in just a few months.

Coach Marco

I am extremely blessed and thankful that 2 amazing and inspirational individuals paths was destined to cross mine.
I can honestly say that never have I for one second thought just by asking for a innocent hug from this very tall man in February 2017 and by saying he is my #GentleGiant that it will be the start of an amazingly motivational and valuable friendship and business connection with Michael and Robbie Mathews.
Please stay the amazing role models to the youth worldwide.

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Belinda Oozsthuizen
South Africa

Hello again. I know I've posted a lot about Financial Education Services and Entrepreneurs International, but if you are still in a financial rut and are on the fence about taking action, then I'd like to share something with you. As I've said before, I met some amazing people at the JT Foxx Mega Success this past November, but I especially want to introduce you to Michael "Bart" Mathews and his wife Robbie Mathews. Michael is the author of the book "Financially Speaking: The Best Improvement Starts with Self Improvement", and with his wife, they make a powerhouse couple.
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Mary Aboko Cole

Great cover dear Micheal!

Reading your book here in
Sweden at the moment

Mylene Frenstrom