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Hello, Welcome to The Mathews Entrepreneur Group, Inc (TMEG) website. If getting and staying out of debt, starting or increasing your saving, or just wanting to get Financially Fit are your goals for 2017, we here at TMEG have the keys to empower you to accomplish your goals. We look forward to helping you learn how to “HONE” and “OWN” your personal and small business finances. We are committed to providing Personal Financial Literacy Education, globally.

The goal is to give you a comprehensive but easy to use set of tools that will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to take control of your personal and small business finances. To help you achieve and maintain lifelong financial stability and to build a legacy for your family. To help you promote responsible financial decision making and consumer spending. We will educate and motivate as well as entertain you using books, workshops, online courses and other mediums.

Explore our website to view our products, program offerings, resources and to get our book Financially Speaking-The Best Improvement Starts With Self-Improvement: Create Your Own Economic Stimulus Plan-click here to purchase your copy and start your financial literacy education journey!! 

You can also get instant access to our FREE online course Financially Fit for Life-click here to get started!! to further enhance your financial literacy education journey.

Also, we will blog monthly to expand upon the many different topics contained in our book Financially Speaking.  We are available for workshops and seminars. Just Contact Us and let us know how we can assist you.

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